How Health and Safety Helps Your Business?

The word health and safety is almost unheard of these days. This term has a negative connotation, with an assumption that businesses lose productivity as a result. Just because health and safety standards have expanded exponentially over the last fifty years, that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Because they result in thousands fewer deaths and serious injuries each year, those extra paperwork bits pay off handsomely in the end.

We have recently been working with a local building firm to help bring their health and training programme up to speed. They were like many small businesses who just don’t realise how dangerous a workplace can be. We helped them and we can help you too.

How safe is your workplace? The following are some other reasons why you should ensure your employees have the safest possible working environment:


When it comes to workers’ health and safety, people often think that it is a millstone around their neck and results in thousands of lost hours every year, when in fact it is the opposite – after all, a happy worker is a more productive worker. As long as your employees can sit, stand, type, or lift in comfort without fear of hurting themselves, they’ll be more relaxed and produce better results for your company.


Health and safety regulations serve many purposes for your business, but if you’re not abiding by them, then you’ll notice that the threat of legal action can bankrupt your company. Suppose one of your employees got injured at work because of a violation of the relevant law, then you might be forced to pay thousands (maybe even millions) in damages. There is no point in taking the risk.



There is nothing more disruptive to business than sick leave. Injury and illness may cost your business more than you think, especially if your company offers sick pay benefits. It’s important to insist on safety as well as health because your employees will not only be happier today, but they will also be in better health in the future, when they are worth even more to you.


If you are a forward-looking business, you’re likely to always think about how to grow. In order to hire the best candidates, you must create a culture of safety and health at work when your company grows. Additionally, if you’re seeking new business, then publicizing your responsible health and safety practices will give you a leg up on your competition.


While there are undoubtedly steps that businesses should take to make the workplace a safer one, such as arranging health and safety courses and ensuring that equipment is up to the correct standard, good health and safety also requires employees to take responsibility for their own health – ensuring that you have a workforce that can look after itself and making your company an enjoyable one to work for.

There is always something new to learn about health and safety. Keeping up with everything can sometimes be a hassle, despite the fact that most everyday tasks are common sense. With the help of a health and safety consultant, you can ensure that the safety of your employees is never compromised.